RePets wants to make sure that spay/neuter
is an affordable option for every budget.

     Spay Neuter Vouchers

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. ~ Colossians 3:23

RePets wants to make sure that spay/neuter
is an affordable option for every budget.

RePets suffered server damage to our
  Thrift Stores building on 2/21/15
Our roof collapsed under the pressure of the snow and rain.

The contractors estimate 3-4 months before 
it is repaired and we can open.

This has been devastating, we lost so much and its going to be a lot of work to get it back together. Once we have any details on the next voucher day we will post it here.

This is not a government funded program.  We do not receive grant money. This is one family seeing a need in our community and doing something about it. We operate a thrift store to
raise money for this program. We ask for the stuff that you don't want so we can sell it and
buy vouchers. The more we sell the more we can give out.  YOU can help by telling people
about our store/voucher program, bringing us the stuff you don't want anymore and by
helping us spread the word that SPAY/NEUTER/ADOPT saves lives.

RePets Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

Through the proceeds from our Thrift Store we are able to
 offer low income families Spay/Neuter Assistance
at a much discounted price of $7 or $17

Each Voucher includes:
1~Spay or Neuter
1~Rabies Vaccine
Ky Law requires your animals to have the rabies vaccine.
Please provide a tag or certificate proving your animals is current on this vaccine.
Any other services, medications, vaccines, ect. are the pet owners responsibility.

$7 co-pay
If you can prove you (the adult owner of the animal being fixed) receive
public assistance
benefits, you can receive a Spay/Neuter Voucher for $7 

                                            Public Assistance benefits include:
                                                     ** Food Stamps
                                                           ** Disability (total family income must meet requirements)

                                             ** SSI (total family income must meet requirements)

                                                           ** Unemployment (total family income must meet requirements)

You will need to bring your ID and your proof you receive benefits. Most people use their food stamp card. If your name is not on the card you will need to bring proof that you are also on the account. Due to so Many people trying to scam this program we must INSIST that you provide proof of one of the 4 things listed above. This program is for the LOW INCOME ONLY....For people that can't budget and afford spay/neuter at one of our LOW COST spay/neuter Clinics.   If you can Afford it, please leave this money for someone less fortunate.

$17 co-pay
If you do not receive public assistance benefits but are considered low income by our guidelines, you can receive a Spay/Neuter Voucher for $17

Income Guidelines

Maximum Yearly Income of $36,000 per year
Proof of income required from all adults in your household.
(last years tax returns or 2 most current pay stubs)


  Each voucher includes 1 spay/neuter and 1 rabies vaccine (if needed)
The Fix Foundation does offer some low cost vetting.
 You will need to bring money with you to cover those services.

You must be 18, have an ID and prove that you are low income.
Most people show a food stamp card. 
The public assistance proof must be in your name.

Proof of public assistance benefits include:                                        
** Food Stamp card
                  ** Disability (total family income must meet requirements)
         ** SSI  (total family income must meet requirements)
                           ** Unemployment  (total family income must meet requirements)

The Dog(s) and/or Cat(s) must be the property of the person that is applying for the voucher.

You must pay your copay on voucher day to get a voucher.

There are no limits to how many vouchers you can get.

Puppies and kittens must weigh 3 pounds to get fixed.

If your female is in heat or might be pregnant, You can still spay.
Call The Fix Foundation to discuss your cat or dogs options before the appointment.

You must be able to get your animal(s) to the Fix Foundation in Franklin, Ky
Must be available to transport your animal these times:
Drop off time 8am
Pick up time 4-5pm
Must have a secure collar and leash for a Dog

Must have a secure crate for a Cat  (Boxes are NOT considered a secure crate)

AFTER You receive your voucher you will call and make an appointment with
The Fix Foundation. Vouchers are good for 60 days. If your voucher expires, you will need to reapply.  We no longer replace unused vouchers. Please USE your voucher. 

If you loose your voucher, you will need to wait till it expires.
 Then come back on a voucher day to get a replacement voucher.

At 10pm the night before your animals spay/neuter you must remove all food and water.
 A full stomach can cause complications and even death during a surgery.

You can donate to this fund here on line, by mailing a check
 or by donating the items you don't want any more to either of our Thrift Stores.


Mail a donation to:
RePets Good Deeds Thrift Store
530 US 31W By Pass
Bowling Green, Ky 42101




Spay/Neuter/Adopt Fund

530 US 31W Bypass

Bowling Green, Ky 42101

Sunday ~ Closed
Mon - Sat  ~ 10am - 5pm
   270-780-SPAY (7729)

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